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We are the proud manufacturers of Accuspray, Wilkins Stubble Rake, and Chase MEE chaser bin. Our aim is to deliver quality products and provide every farmer with a positive experience. Whether you need a bit of advice about bearing maintenance on your Chase MEE or you’re after a new Accuspray- we are here for you.

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Wilkins Stubble Rake

CHase mee


One of our hallmark products, designed for performance and ease, the Accuspray Boomspray is self-leveling and features a single axle on air bag suspension to provide a superior ride and more durable boomspray. Wings operate independently from the main chassis, and nitrogen-charged accumulators create a smooth journey on any terrain. Built for maximum lifespan and to withstand corrosion.


Maintenance & Services

We stock a comprehensive range of parts for our complete product range. Choose from a huge range of genuine accessories for all Titan Engineering products. Choose to buy each accessory separately or include it when you purchase a new product. We are happy to provide a full list of accessories for your product model.

We aim to provide flexible servicing options to avoid any inconvenience. Trust us to ensure we have your equipment back on the job and working productively as soon as possible.

Meet Titan Engineering…

Titan Engineering has been in production since 1989, when Peter Harvey began The Middle East Engineering Company to facilitate the manufacture of the Wilkins Stubble Rake.

Middle East Engineering was rebranded as Titan Engineering in 2018, and continues to manufacture the Accuspray boomspray, Wilkins Stubble Rake, and Chaser MEE chaser bin.