Stock machinery currently for sale

Boom 1

Accuspray Boom Spray 10000/120

10000 lt Main tank

1000 lt Flush tank

650/85R38 Wheels

2860 mm Axle/wheel width

MP 400 product pump

2 x work lights 2 x blue lights 1 x rear tank light

100 lt Granny pot

2’’ Fill line via a three way tap

Sotera chem pump to main tank

Hydraulic jack

Micro matic flush fitting

Visio / Volume tank sensor

120 ft widths

1’’ SS pipe

Boom circulation

Air Switching SeleJet

9 x 9 sections 250 mm nozzle spacing

150 Arag CFAU yellow and green nozzles

Fence jet R/H

Arag ISO controller

Boom 2

Accuspray 5000/100

5000 lt. MAIN TANK



520/85R42 Wheels

Air bag suspension

30 lt Arag Granny pot with Venturie and spear

Arag MP400 pump

100 lt tool box

Hydraulic jack

Ally Mud gaurds

100 ft boom width

Single line at 500 mm nozzle spacing

Stainless Steel 1/2’’ pipe

Arag triplex nozzle 45deg holders

5 sections

Right hand fence jet

Sectional drain taps

Arag ISO rate controller

Rear Flashing light

Work lights and blue spray lights

Photos below

Accuspray 10000lt

Accuspray 10000lt