Stands the test of time.

The Wilkins Rake has stood the test of time since Trevor Wilkins first developed the unit in 1982. Over 700 units are now out in the field. Today, MEE manufactures the Wilkins Rake in Western Australia. Buy your Wilkins Rake direct from us – we know it inside out.

The Wilkins Rake is a vital tool for any cropping enterprise. Cost efficient and reliable, it features a design registered windshield to keep you raking through windy days.

Rake hay or cropping stubble with ease. The Wilkins Rake floating model uses a 40 finger tine reel connected to a cranking arm. Adjust the ground contact weight of the tine reel from a light 4kg up to 15kg to suit any raking conditions.


Features & Benefits

10 to 20 sturdy finger reels

  • Fully hydraulically controlled

  • Parallel lift for precision raking

  • Full length windshield (for raking on windy days)

  • Its ability to rake large windrows (at 15km/h to 25 km/h) enables you to seed into unburned stubble Its simplicity itself and you can buy at factory direct prices and be secure in the knowledge that you’ll have the guarantee of our famous after sales service and the knowledge that all parts are available locally